Jethro Welfare Foundation


Grow Agriculture and Skill Development

griculture its Our prime focus.The program targets providing sustainable returns, uncontaminated atmosphere and improved quality of life for the tribal community. Our initiatives involve a significant number of skill development trainings. We also provide scholarships to children from low-income family.

Employment and growth matters!

Jethro Welfare Foundation has been working towards organizing rickshaw & cart pullers and empowering then by financial inclusion, capacity building program and skill development training.And also Working with Street Vedors and Financial Inclusion.

Transforming the emergency and public health

A skilled emergency medical technician along with a support staff is onboard round the clock to ensure a safe pre-medical treatment of the patients.

Partner With Us

Every partnership can do wonders and help create synergy. We would like to partner with different social organizations out there to help create a better world. In past, we have worked with a number of partners including government, donor agencies, research agencies, corporate and NGOs etc.